• configure your rig and place order
  • upload your character model
  • your rig will be delivered in 1-2 days

Rig Config

How it works

Which setups Express Rig is for

Which setups Express Rig is NOT for

  • When you need the rig quickly – skip those emails and calls
  • Side / Background characters
  • Student / Low budget projects
  • Model pose testing
  • Previz rigs
  • Slower start of bigger projects without full budget approved
  • Main / Hero characters
  • Bigger projects / productions (5 characters and more)
  • Custom rig features and pipeline specifics
  • Creative feedback / Adjustment rounds
  • Costume controls / Muscles
  • Simulation setups / Correctives
  • In such case use our Custom Rig Order
You can customize your Express Rig setup later using our Custom Rig service. We will simply pick up your rig project and make additional updates.
Custom Rig Order