Procedural Biped Rigging Tutorial

Duration:  10 hours of videos
Level: Advanced
Software: Autodesk Maya (2017 and higher), Python editor of your choice
Tutorial cost: 129 € 99 € (sale price until 16.6.)


This tutorial will cover workflow of making 100% scripted rigs using python in Maya. You will learn how a biped setup can be fully scripted along with checking some real production examples.


Benefits of learning these techniques:

  • Learn procedural rigging with python in Maya
  • Make biped rig using scripted modules
  • See how particular problems were solved in Real Project Examples
  • Minimize manual human errors
  • Reduce time for making rig setups


Contact email if you have any questions:

This tutorial covers building a Biped Rig using python script and Real Project Examples.



Production example I.

Theory about procedural rigging and explanation about the whole plan building the rig. Basic principles of procedural rigging will be explained.
Making skeleton scene based on the model. First script and functions for simple rigging library to make module, controls, global control and visibility controls.



Production example II.

Building functions for IK stretchy spine and head with eyes and jaw controls. Add face blendShapes proceduraly to the rig and make simple face controls.



Production example III.

Building functions for IK-FK arms and legs with stretching and also fingers and toes.



Production example IV.

Adding functions for skinning setup, wrap defomers and also corrective blendShape. We will also finalize the rig scene with some cleanup.


Jakub Krompolc

Founder of originally from Czech Republic, Jakub has been proffesionaly rigging characters since 2004. After moving to UK he has built his first scripted rig in 2005 at Axis Animation during Codehunters project.

Later in 2006 started working at MPC, a company with long tradition of procedural rigging where Jakub started using Python to build rigs in 2008. The use of python language was to help creating automatic system for storing and re-building muscle setups. Jakub later used python language to build all rigs proceduraly in Maya.

He has been improving this technique during various productions at DNEG, Prime Focus and later on his own projects at from 2016.

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