Rig Animation Tools

Here you can download our Maya tools we made to help you animating our rigs.
And also tips on other tools like Maya or Shot Sculpting (Creature FX) tools to polish the shot based character shapes and add additional effects.

RIGIT library API

For riggers using our Rig Server system

Anim Tools


rigAnimTools (2021-september-17)


  • Download and unzip the file
  • Place rigitAnimTools folder under your Maya scripts folder
    (defined in Maya.env or C:\Users\Username\Documents\maya\2020\scripts
    – 2020 is example Maya version
  • Start Maya
  • In Script Editor Python tab import and run the tools (see run code below)


How to use

After saving the tool scripts folder to your python script you can run the tools in Maya.
If you are not sure where to place the scripts, just use your default Maya scripts folder:


– Replace Username with your actual user name
– This is Windows OS path
– Choose your Maya version folder, this example is using Maya 2020


See the code below and paste this in  Maya Script Editor.
We recommend selecting each block and running with small Enter key on the side of the keyboard – to only run the selected code block.

# saveShaders
from rigitAnimTools.saveShaders import main

# IkFkMatch
from rigitAnimTools.ikfkMatchTool import ikFkMatch

# positionMatch
from rigitAnimTools import positionMatch
Third Party

Maya is our primary supported rig format. For smaller projects we recommend Maya Indie. The license costs $140 – $430 depending on your region.

Autodesk Maya is first choice for animators with rich and intuitive toolset. It also offers realtime export like FBX, Unreal Engine and Alembic or Pixar USD geometry cache. Rokoko library is built in supporting Human IK mocap rigs.

We are not using third-party plugins (unless required by you) so our rigs are running in any pipeline. No installation of additional plugins is needed.

Maya Indie website
Shot Sculpting

Tools for sculpting animated geometry cache (for example Alembic) are well known mainly in visual effects. We recommend considering them for adjusting shot based shape requirements or issues which would be otherwise too expensive for adjusting in the rig setup. There are currently 3 commercials tools of this type: Mush3D, Sculptron and Chronosculpt.