Animate your character and face rig without hassle! is online provider of rig assets on demand.
We offer scalable service for delivering rig setups based on provided model assets
for VFX, commercials and games as well as limited budget
personal projects.
Our service includes model updates and support during animation. For more information and any queries please contact us.

Take rigging burden

off your project

We provide rig assets of all types
for commercials
, games and film

  • control setup for any character or vehicle
  • skin and costume deformation
  • face setup
  • fat and muscle dynamics

We offer support for our
rigs during production

  • updates of model changes
  • tweaks and fixes during shot delivery
  • adding features or shot specific rig variations
  • tools for animators

Additional services

  • match or use rig setup preferred by your animators
  • feedback on model topology and pose
  • advice and assistance with rig integration in your pipeline


NEW: We are looking for Creature FX TD to make a skin simulation test of a creature for our client. For more information please contact us on or via current job ad.

We are always looking for talented Rigging TDs. In case you are interested in working for RIG-IT, please send your CV and link with your latest demoreel to

About was started by Jakub Krompolc, rigging technical director with 10 years experience and film credits including Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Night at the Museum, Clash of Titans, John Carter, Captain America, Hercules, Tarzan and others. Between 2011-2014 Jakub has built Rigging VFX department at Prime Focus London while working closely with department leads and supervisors.

Contact us


Contact email: takes all project queries and data sent to us as confidential.

Model for raptor rig done by Kaan Kucuk, models for gladiator and wolfman rigs done by Jan Jinda.

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