• face setups (joints, blendShapes, mocap)
  • game rigs (compatible with game engines, UE, Unity)
  • VFX rigs (realistic setups, muscles, correctives, dynamics, wrinkles)
  • cartoon rigs (stretching, bending, IK FK etc.)
  • modeling (cleanup, retopology, UVs)
  • consulting (pre-production planning)
  • eshop (rigged assets, tutorials)


  • pipeline compatible (adjusting rigs to your pipeline)
  • rig tools (IK FK match, space switch match, skeleton bake etc.)
  • flexible project size (from single character to full feature production)
  • animator contacts (we will help you find experienced animators)

Our Work

About is outsource rigging service based in Czech Republic. Our goal is to build robust and user-friendly character rigs for our clients and offer solution for this part of animation pipeline.

It was founded in 2015 bringing experience from leading industry companies with vision to develop independent online service.

Our offices:

Atrium House
V Olsinach 2300/75
108 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic

Zamecke nam. 47
738 01 Frydek-Mistek
Czech Republic

Contact Us


phone: +420 792 451 754