RIG-IT Resources

Useful information for Animation Production, our Tools, Tutorials and some tips for Third-party Tools.


Your characters need rigging – but what Rigging actually means❓ How does the whole Animation pipeline work and what are those confusing terms used by 3d artists❓ How should the characters be Modelled for the best Animation results❓ 🙂 We have prepared some useful documents for You or your Production coordinator to get through this part of your project. ℹ


Complete animator tools with IK-FK Match, Position Match (Space Switch), FBX Export, SoftMod Sculpt and more.



Third Party

Autodesk Maya is our primary supported rig format. Maya is first choice for animators with rich and intuitive toolset. It also offers realtime export like FBX, Unreal Engine and Alembic or Pixar USD geometry cache. Rokoko library is built in supporting Human IK mocap rigs. For smaller projects we recommend Maya Indie. The license costs $140 – $430 depending on your region.

Maya to Unreal Engine LiveLink
Mush 3D

Mush 3D is tool for shot sculpting animated geometry cache (e.g. Alembic). Apart from our SoftMod Sculpt (part of RigitAnimTools) we recommend this workflow for adjusting shapes per shot in later project phases to minimize need of rig updates. There are also less used Sculptron from OTOY and Chronosculpt which seems not actively supported or developped further.

Ragdoll Dynamics

Ragdoll Dynamics (started its development as WeightShift) is Maya plugin for easy addition of rigid body dynamics to anything that has Translate and Rotate animated channels – mainly Rig controls, but can use other transforms too or be part of skinning objects structure (muscles, fat). Force fields like wind or turbulence can be also added.