Python Scripted Biped Rig Tutorial


Learn how to script your own biped setup in Maya using python. Tutorial contains 10 hours of videos, divided in 4 parts with 4 production examples.

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Learn how to script your own biped setup in Maya using python


From founder of Jakub Krompolc here is very detailed advanced rigging tutorial on developping biped modules in python which results in complete human setup. This is very useful if you want to make your own autorig or implement a rigging studio pipeline.

  • 10 hours of videos, Maya scenes with Troll asset, python scripts
  • 4 rigging examples from real projects.
  • Learn: stretchy IK FK arms / legs, stretchy ribbon spine, fingers setup
  • Learn: twist joints, simple face rig with blendShapes, eyes / jaw / tongue controls
  • Learn: body correctives, scripted call to make wrap deformer and tension deformer
  • Example of simple Load / Save Skin Weights Tool
  • Demo animation scene of Troll character walk with face animation


Benefits of learning these techniques

  • Learn procedural rigging with python in Maya
  • Make biped rig using scripted modules
  • See how particular problems were solved in Real Project Examples
  • Minimize manual human errors
  • Reduce time for making rig setups



Production example I.
Theory about procedural rigging and explanation about the whole plan building the rig. Basic principles of procedural rigging will be explained.
Making skeleton scene based on the model. First script and functions for simple rigging library to make module, controls, global control and visibility controls.


Production example II.
Building functions for IK stretchy spine and head with eyes and jaw controls. Add face blendShapes proceduraly to the rig and make simple face controls.


Production example III.
Building functions for IK-FK arms and legs with stretching and also fingers and toes.


Production example IV.
Adding functions for skinning setup, wrap defomers and also corrective blendShape. We will also finalize the rig scene with some cleanup.


Comments from customers:

  • “Really like the tutorial by the way, you’re very good at explaining and I enjoy the small assignments! ”
    – Ludwig Ek
  • “The workshop is simply fantastic. I am learning so much from every line of code.”
    – Ibrahim
  • “The focus of the tutorials are to learn how procedural rigging works, which it does really well. I have since implemented it into my studio pipeline.”
    – Thomas Hardy




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