LEGO Overwatch

It has been exciting to work on the rigs for LEGO Overwatch product commercial. Here is the final animation. Also thanks for the opportunity from Animatrix studio. has built all the humanoid rigs and we love the result which is in Lego movie style.

Metal Dragon

Here is one character we rigged last year – a metal dragon for Seagate commercial. Muscles were used for better body deformations. We have also added nCloth blend setup to enhance wing membranes with subtle dynamics. This custom rig was made for DigitalApes VFX production.

Forestias characters

We have recently provided 6 human heroes, 2 animal and 10 background rig setups for this Forestias christmas commercial with CG feature style characters. Apart from advanced face rigs, the setups had secondary dynamics hair and stretchy body controls. The animation production was done by Yggdrazil Animation.

Killmaster game rigs

We have made 2 rigs we made for Killmaster Games indie project – Kebe (monkey) and Widget (humanoid). Widget rig has arms which can grow bigger, Kebe has detailed eyelids setup and each asset also has skinning skeleton group for smooth export to the game engine environment – game rigs standard feature.

Hearts and Human Anatomy

In July we worked on very interesting project, rigging human anatomy models for Electric Theatre Collective project – British Heart Foundation ‘Shadows’. has created biped setup for matchmoving into live action shots with real people with stretchy options and proportion variations including a baby.   One of the interesting aspects was also beating…

Best Friend piggy

In the beginning of the year we have provided realistic rig of the baby pig for this PETA Best Friend project. created complete Body, Face and dynamic muscles rig for this animal character. Ziva VFX plugin was used to rig drive polygonal muscles with added fascia skin layer to deform final skin.    …