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Another type of hero and different Face rig then usual. With lots of costume variations. ⚽ Baz from Grassroots animated short by Ritzy Animation used 2d face clips organised for easy combinations on top of 3d cartoon rig. Our team also made a interesting prop – a net bag with soccer balls sliding inside -…

Obki 3 series

SKY TV Obki series 3 involved RIG-IT building main Obki character rig. And also many costume variations, side characters and props. Full CG production and animation was done by Ritzy Animation, London. Obki Series 3 can be watched on Now TV Episode from Series 2 (all rigs and Obki costumes in series 2 by RIG-IT…

Spiderman Venom

2 Spidermans + Venom + some muscles 🍖 + flexible tongue 👅. One of our latest contributions on big outdoor screen. Thanks to BCN Visuals to be part of this.   RIG-IT team was working with hires model assets of Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Venom, which was also fitted with muscles for upper body…

Obki S2

During summer 2022 we had a pleasure to work on various Secondary character rigs and Prop rigs for Sky Kids – Obki – Series 2. Full CG production was executed by our friends at Ritzy Animation, London. Overall we created rigs for 86 assets, including outfit variations for the Main character rig of Obki. Video:

Cricket & Antoinette

During 2019 we worked on 12 humanoid insect character rigs for full Face animation. This was CG feature Cricket & Antoinette by Diedra production, Zagreb, Croatia. Finally the movie was released in 2023 and we really like how our rigs were animated!


During 2020 / 2021 RIG-IT worked on many rigs from Main to Secondary characters for new animated series fully rendered in Unreal Engine in BRON Digital production. Have a look at behind the scenes document about creation of this project.  

Karma & Jonar Series

Between 2021 and 2022 RIG-IT worked on main and secondary characters and props for Karma & Jonar. This show was produced by Viaplay Group (former Nordic Entertainment Group).   Our team was building hi-res Body and Face rigs, including versions for on-set motion capture previs and AR Kit Face Rigs for temporary face previs. The…


In first half of 2018 worked on more then 20 characters for german CG feature Heinzels produced by Chimney Group. Our team provided costume setups and skinning work on existing control rigs. We have also created body rig for cartoon bulldog with deformation setup.

Zafari animals

Here is one project from 2016 that we wanted to share here. worked on 4 characters: Eagle, 2 bears and lion rendered in Unreal Engine. All rigs were made compatible for Unreal Engine environment, so the skeleton structure and deform setup was adjusted. Rigs were made for canadian studio Digital Dimension and production was…

Cricket & Antoinette has just finished work on CG feature character rigs for new animated movie Cricket & Antoinette. We are excited having the opportunity to work on such unique characters and make some of our most advanced cartoon setups. Our team has created rigs for 2 hero characters Ket and Antoinette and 8 side characters. For…

Early Man rigs contribution had the pleasure to contribute with rigging crowd characters for Early Man, new movie by stop-motion animation legends Aardman Animations.   One of the trailers showing some of the crowd shots. One of the rig setups has generated for this movie. We would also like to thank to Axis VFX for this opportunity.