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Obki 3 series

SKY TV Obki series 3 involved RIG-IT building main Obki character rig. And also many costume variations, side characters and props. Full CG production and animation was done by Ritzy Animation, London. Obki Series 3 can be watched on Now TV Episode from Series 2 (all rigs and Obki costumes in series 2 by RIG-IT…

Spiderman Venom

2 Spidermans + Venom + some muscles 🍖 + flexible tongue 👅. One of our latest contributions on big outdoor screen. Thanks to BCN Visuals to be part of this.   RIG-IT team was working with hires model assets of Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Venom, which was also fitted with muscles for upper body…


For series of Legoland Channel5 spots RIG-IT built 8 rigged assets – from octopus, starfish to dragon. Full CG production was done by BlackKite Studios where these animated models changed into lego bricks.   Legoland advertisement Legoland advertisement Legoland advertisement  


During december 2022 we worked on high detail cat Face rig for post production on a Samsung advert. We used combination of joint and blendShape based setup. The rig also needed extreme pupil scale control and contained fur preview and proxy lowres face version.      

Mojo Lama

We are proud to have executed the rigging work on a stylized Llama featured in a J2O advertisement. The computer-generated production was brought to life by Flipbook Studio, with our team at handling the body, costume and face rigging responsibilities.    

Action Figures

We have built Male and Female rigs of 3d action plastic figures with several body and costume variations for Freefolk CG production ad. This was VirginMedia Playtime commercial. Face rigs used switching static blendshapes provided by Freefolk modellers to keep the rigid toy style. Costumes had various controls to allow further adjustments.   Full commercial video…


The game Oddballers was released two months ago, and we had the pleasure of working on the rigs for it in collaboration with Ritzy Animation, who handled all of the 3D production. Their expertise and dedication to the project resulted in a seamless integration of our rigs, and the gameplay clips showcase the stunning visuals…

Karma & Jonar Series

Between 2021 and 2022 RIG-IT worked on main and secondary characters and props for Karma & Jonar. This show was produced by Viaplay Group (former Nordic Entertainment Group).   Our team was building hi-res Body and Face rigs, including versions for on-set motion capture previs and AR Kit Face Rigs for temporary face previs. The…