Obki S2

During summer 2022 we had a pleasure to work on various Secondary character rigs and Prop rigs for Sky Kids – Obki – Series 2. Full CG production was executed by our friends at Ritzy Animation, London. Overall we created rigs for 86 assets, including outfit variations for the Main character rig of Obki. Video:

Cricket & Antoinette

During 2019 we worked on 12 humanoid insect character rigs for full Face animation. This was CG feature Cricket & Antoinette by Diedra production, Zagreb, Croatia. Finally the movie was released in 2023 and we really like how our rigs were animated! Video:

Winx Saga

Last year in 2022 we helped FreeFolk post production team bringing a large worm to life for Fate: Winx Saga sci-fi episodes. Our riggers created various controls for many legs, mouth with teeth and flexible body with stretching and snake motion.  


During december 2022 we worked on high detail cat Face rig for Swiss.se post production on a Samsung advert. We used combination of joint and blendShape based setup. The rig also needed extreme pupil scale control and contained fur preview and proxy lowres face version.      


During 2020 / 2021 RIG-IT worked on many rigs from Main to Secondary characters for new animated series fully rendered in Unreal Engine in BRON Digital production. Have a look at behind the scenes document about creation of this project.  

DecoDoma dog

Our recent advertising campaign featuring DecoDoma dog was a success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of RIG-IT.net and our partners at Darwin and The Machines. Working together, we meticulously planned and executed the dog’s face and character rigging to bring it to life in a truly captivating and authentic way. Our team’s attention to detail…