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For series of Legoland Channel5 spots RIG-IT built 8 rigged assets – from octopus, starfish to dragon. Full CG production was done by BlackKite Studios where these animated models changed into lego bricks.   Legoland advertisement Legoland advertisement Legoland advertisement  


During december 2022 we worked on high detail cat Face rig for post production on a Samsung advert. We used combination of joint and blendShape based setup. The rig also needed extreme pupil scale control and contained fur preview and proxy lowres face version.      

DecoDoma dog

Our recent advertising campaign featuring DecoDoma dog was a success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of and our partners at Darwin and The Machines. Working together, we meticulously planned and executed the dog’s face and character rigging to bring it to life in a truly captivating and authentic way. Our team’s attention to detail…

Mojo Lama

We are proud to have executed the rigging work on a stylized Llama featured in a J2O advertisement. The computer-generated production was brought to life by Flipbook Studio, with our team at handling the body, costume and face rigging responsibilities.    

Action Figures

We worked closely with Freefolk, a highly skilled London-based CG production company, to create a dynamic and lifelike animation for the toy characters in the VirginMedia Playtime commercial. By providing various custom rigs for the characters, we allowed for greater flexibility in animation, while Freefolk managed all aspects of the CG production, including the creation…

Golf Is Good

Another project with Ritzy Animation is complete. Golf is Good promo needed 4 characters to be rigged. Currently first one with 3 characters is out and available to see below. RIG-IT team created full face cartoon setup with bend-squash heads, sticky lips and other features. Costume variations and also nCloth setup which was very subtle…