CBB fluffy characters

Here is one of the animations where our rigs were used in the series of CBB Mobile spots. RIG-IT.net has created 5 variations of the same control setup that was used for various characters in this group. Final versions of the rigs were generated using our RIGIT library. Post-production was done at Gentlemen Broncos.  

Early Man rigs contribution

RIG-IT.net had the pleasure to contribute with rigging crowd characters for Early Man, new movie by stop-motion animation legends Aardman Animations.   One of the trailers showing some of the crowd shots. One of the rig setups RIG-IT.net has generated for this movie. We would also like to thank to Axis VFX for this opportunity.

Maya Advanced Rigging Deformation Tutorial

If you are interested to explore skin sliding, wrinkles and muscles, this is ideal introduction tutorial for these techniques. Done by rig-it.net, for download here: https://gumroad.com/l/bgFMd Maya Advanced Rigging Deformation Setups are tutorials created by rigging TD Jakub Krompolc (www.rig-it.net and www.polygonbay.com) to demonstrate various advanced techniques of creature deformation setups in clear and simple…