Maya Bufo webinar

In July we presented our Bufo rig we made for Autodesk in Maya. This is now online and you can see in a short video how we make rigs at from skeleton scene and scripting procedural process to various rig features.   You can have a free copy of the tutorials we made and…

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

We have worked on various digi double rigs including Face FACS setups (including Morgan Freeman, shapes by WWFX modeller) and couple of props on a movie which was finally released after Covid pandemic, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.   We had fun working on these VFX rigs and would like to thank for the opportunity to amazing…


Here another project we worked on – for IXION game cinematic we have rigged Vanir character, mainly the face rig which is in the most shots.   Full animation and rendering was done by Flipbook Studio. Vanir face animation test

Apoteket Snake

We have rigged a simple stylised Snake for swedish brand Apoteke commercials. This rig has actually new type of setup we added to our modules.   Big thanks to post production for this opportunity!

Alba animals

Recently we made animal rigs and 2 cartoon biped setups for Ritzy Animation project Alba – game cinematic supporting ecology and planting trees. We had fun making these cartoon rigs and the result is amazing. Face rigs were combination of joints and 2d projected mouth textures sliding on the head geometry. Our thanks go to…